Back to Basics

People. I had a whole post written and published about why we were going back to the basics around here, and then boom. It disappeared. The internet service was interrupted and it reverted me back to my draft which was only a few sentences. I would like to not rewrite the entire thing, so sorry, but you'll have to trust me that it was a good one. :)

This past week hasn't been great in the posting department, and I apologize. We've had a hormonal mommy (as my midwife said: "your body likes being pregnant and giving birth. It does not like after that." It's great fun, I assure you.), an extremely defiant almost-four-year-old (he's currently sitting on my chair after coming out of quiet time for the 15th time and having various and sundry consequences and discipline administered. I'm choosing to ignore him while I decide what in the heck to do now), and a baby who we have found is allergic to eggs (boo!!) and was coming off a really bad reaction to those, which involved a lot of vomit, spit up, eczema and little sleep for most of the week. (on the plus side...once it was mostly out of his system, he slept.ALL.NIGHT. I can't even. All the I can't evens.) Just trying to stay sane and stay on top of the laundry was about all we could do, and I'm not even sure we did those very well.

But it's a new week, and we're buckling down here. Back to some basics. Some solid routine and structure and built in margins for all of us. We have a very full but fun weekend planned this coming weekend, so I want to be very intentional with how we prepare for that time!

What do the basics look like to you? I think I'll do a part two of this and share some of how we do routine and structure around here, just little things that make a big difference - in a good way when we do them, and in a not-so-good way when we don't!